Summer Roller Ski Saturday 23rd July at Forfar Community Campus



This booking is for Saturday 23rd July 2022.  The session will run between 12.30pm and 2.30pm the venue is at Forfar Community Campus.

Roy Young who is a Level 4 Nordic Performance Coach will be delivering the session and our team of recently qualified Arbroath Ski Club Coaches will be there too.

This means that we have a session for those with experience and for those that are complete beginners!

The cost of the session  is £8.31 which includes tuition, roller skis and boots.

You must bring your own helmet, a cycle helmet is perfect.

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  • Please provide any relevant information, that might affect your ability to take part in all of the training that your coach should know about, i.e. injury/illness/medical conditions which require additional support?
  • I confirm that I am fully aware and conscious of the potential risks involved in roller skiing activities. I also know and accept that the sport takes place on tarmac surfaces and that the risk factors include environmental conditions, technical equipment as well as man made obstacles. I know and accept that when I engage in such activities, my physical integrity and, in extreme cases serious injury may be a risk.
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