The membership year runs from 1st August until 31st July each year, and the skiing season from August until July. Membership fees;

  • Adult: £15*
  • Junior (up to age 21yrs): £10*
  • Family: £35*
  • Non-Skiing Member: £3*

(*excludes Paypal transaction charge of 3.4% + 20p)

In order to use the slope within RM Condor, RM Condor insist that everyone MUST be a member of the Club.  In addition to our skiing membership categories, we also have a non-skiing member category at a cost of £3.  This means parents, or other family members for example, who do not wish to ski can obtain an Arbroath Ski Club photo ID which will allow them to bring their children to the slope.

Join Online

To join the club follow the link above and select the appropriate membership category.  Once you have completed all the information on the form and made payment you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Please note, you will be asked to upload a photo to accompany every application.  This allows us to produce a membership card with your photo on it which you need to access the Base.  Please ensure the photo you upload is saved as the persons name (especially when joining as a family) so our membership co-ordinator knows who is who.

Once we have received your application, payment and picture we will process your membership. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your card to be issued.  You will also be issued with a membership number which will allow you to book into lessons.

When you register to join the club you are acknowledging that you have read and understood key information including LINK TO CONDOR SLOPE RULES,  LINK TO SKIING ABILITIES, the International Ski Federation Rules for Skiers and Snowboarders.

Membership Benefits

Take part in our lessons and recreational skiing, social events and receive regular updates about Club activities.

As an affiliate member of Snowsport Scotland, Arbroath Ski Club members benefit from Snowsport Scotland discounts, civil liability insurance whilst on the slopes and access to national competitions.

The Club is also affiliated to Glenshee Performance Squad, a not-for-profit organisation who run ski and snowboard training sessions at Glenshee throughout the winter (including ski race training, freeride and freestyle sessions).  For more info visit

Your Personal Information 

Arbroath Ski Club holds personal information from its members provided through registering for membership and booking events.  When members provide this information to the club, they do so on the understanding that the club will use that information to contact those club members in relation to all club activities which might be of interest to members.  These details may be forwarded to select third parties, for legitimate reasons, including RM Condor and Snowsport Scotland.

Sensitive information such as medical information provided by members to club officials will be kept confidential and only used in relation to relevant club activities when a medical condition might impact on an individuals members ability to carry out certain activities.  It is important, in these circumstances, for members to make the club and instructors aware of relevant medical conditions, which could impact on the ability to carry out certain activities on the slope.

By registering for membership you agree that we may publish your information as part of the results of an event and will pass on information to any governing body or affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licenses, or a welfare incident.

For our Privacy notice and policy CLICK HERE.