Block 1 Instructors requiring hire equipment booking form


This form allows instructors to book in the hire equipment they will need for the blocks they are teaching or shadowing in.  The actual sessions you will be attending will be confirmed by Steve at 

We need to confirm who will be attending the base in advance, so please remember to let Steve know your availability at   Thank you 🙂

You will also be asked for your height in centimetres, weight in kilograms, UK shoe size and helmet size. You will also be asked if you are bringing your own equipment such as boots and helmets. All of this information is required by RM Condor before the lesson block starts so that the equipment can be prepared in advance. It is essential that you input the correct information. If you have any questions please contact

At the time of booking you are declaring your fitness to participate and that your household is not affected by COVID.  Prior to attending each session it is compulsory for every individual accessing RM Condor to complete a COVID Screening declaration, this applies to everyone and not simply the skiers.  This will be sent electronically one day prior to the activity.    All data will be held for 21 days in accordance with the Scottish Government Test and Protect system.

Please also note that all activities are subject to Government and MOD guidelines.  We currently have a Tier system in Scotland and any member or instructor that resides in a Tier 3 area is not permitted to travel to or access RM Condor. 


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