Block 2 Lessons Open for Booking


Block 2 Lessons are Open for Booking

Block 2 lessons are open for booking via our website

Lessons start on Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th January and run for 6 weeks. The 7pm slots are popular with our younger members so if possible please book into the later sessions to free up space for the juniors.

The club have worked with RM Condor to provide a COVID-19 safe environment and follow the Government guidelines. However, the situation remains fluid and any change to Government or MoD policy may result in short notice change. We will keep members fully informed of any changes affecting access or lessons.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact for assistance

Remember, membership is required to book lessons for the current season (2020-2021).  If you haven’t joined/renewed your membership yet please do this soon.

Visit for the full details.