Committee Vacancy:  Treasurer


Due to the retirement of a long-standing committee member, Arbroath Ski Club is looking to recruit our new Treasurer.  As Treasurer, you will have day-to-day responsibility for looking after the Club’s finances. This is a key role within the Club.   Arbroath Ski Club is a very progressive Club who are passionate not only about developing skiers but also developing people and our community.  You would be joining at an extremely exciting time in the Club’s development as we continue to grow not only our membership, but the skills within the membership and range of activities on offer to the community.


Main Duties:

The Treasurers role is to keep accounts and report to the committee.  The Treasurer also works in conjunction with the Chairperson in planning the development of the club e.g. creating annual budgets, estimating funds required for projects and planning the club’s future.  The treasurer takes responsibility for the following:

  • Reporting regularly to the committee on the club’s financial status
  • Creating and maintaining the club’s annual budget
  • Working with other club officers to generate and collect funds
  • Process refunds
  • Payments to third parties e.g. facility hire and affiliation fees etc.
  • Ensuring accurate and up-to-date records of all club income and expenditure
  • Collecting funds from fundraising and bank reconciliation
  • Seeking approval of the club’s committee for major expenditures
  • Preparing year-end statements of accounts
  • Reporting on the club’s financial performance at the club AGM
  • Draw up basic financial rules/processes
  • Help to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required e.g. grant-aid reports.


Like any position with a responsibility for handling money, the treasurer is expected to be transparent and honest in their dealings, as with any representative of the club. Good record keeping is essential and while a background in finance or accounting is not imperative for this role, it is preferable to have someone who is experienced in managing accounts.  The successful candidate would be fully supported into this role.

The committee meet approximately once every 6 weeks.  The role is voluntary and, as with all committee positions, must be held by a member of Arbroath Ski Club.  Most income and expenditure taken electronically via the website with PayPal being used to process payments.  For further information about the role or for an informal chat, please contact Arbroath Ski Club Chair Mo Douglas via