Arbroath Ski Club

Arbroath Ski Club Committee

David Treger, Chairperson & Race Convener

David has been a member of the Club since it was founded in 1987 and a member of the Committee for many years.  He spent the best part of five seasons living and working in Val d'Isere in the French Alps and still returns there as often as he can. 

Maggie Lawrie, Vice-Chair & Lessons Co-ordinator

Maggie learnt to ski at Condor when she was about 9 years old through lessons with Colliston Primary School.  She quickly developed the skiing bug and thanks to her mum was allowed to develop skiing further.  The family joined ASC and Maggie was a member until she left for University in Edinburgh in 2001.  Just before she left though she sat her Artificial Ski Slope Instructors qualification through the club.  

Maggie started teaching people to ski at Midlothian Snowsport Centre (Hillend) and worked there for 10 years.  After finishing her degree Maggie spent a season working with Skivolution in Courchevel as a chalet chef and at the end of the season passed her BASI Level 2.  Maggie has also spent time teaching at Cairngorm.


Dave Adam, Membership Secretary

Dave joined the Club in September 2009 having never skied before.  Following a number of lessons on the dry slope, he went on two ski holidays in 2010 to Courcheval in the French Alps and Neiderau in Austria.  He's now caught the skiing bug and is looking forward to improving his technique.


Nicola Treger, Treasurer

After a 20 year break from skiing, Nicola made it back onto skis in July 2008 and now tries to ski as often as she can.  She joined Arbroath Ski Club in September 2009 and has now taken on the role of Club Treasurer. 


David Tonks, Secretary

David started skiing 32 years ago, at the time skiing was a niche sport (particularly in the West Midlands) so he started on an indoor slope which was only 15 meters long and incorporated padded crash barriers to stop you hitting the brick wall at the bottom. They only partially worked so you had to learn quickly! David loves skiing as a great way to see the mountains and particularly enjoys skiing with his wife and young kids. The children are both good little skiers, who attend lessons on the dry slope to improve their skills further.

Simon Arnott, Marketing & Communication Co-ordinator

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Mo Douglas, Health & Safety Officer

Mo Douglas joined Arbroath Ski Club in 2011 and learned to ski on the dry slope at Condor.  Immediately hooked Mo skis as much as she can in Scotland and Europe. Mo completed her BASI training in 2015 so that she can support the club teaching the basic elements of skiing on the slope.

Jennifer Tonks, Child Protection Officer

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Joe Davidson, Junior Member

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General Committee Members
Andy Davidson

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Eileen Clark

Eileen joined Arbroath Ski Club in the late 1980's and has been a member ever since.  She has held various committee posts, and is currently Club Treasurer.  She became a dry slope instructor in 2001 and her favourite ski resort is Courchevel in the French Alps.

Brian Cairns

Brian has been a member of Arbroath Ski Club for a number of years and has been skiing for 35 years. A relative newcomer to dry slope instructing (2011), he enjoys the challenges members bring with them to the slope every week.

Mike Smith
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Steve Crawford
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Joe Meldrum
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